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Please visit our store for personalized leather dog collars , and Carved Wood Signs, belts, wrist bands, leather dog leashesNylon Dog Leashes and More.  

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Customized Leather Dog Collars

Customized leather dog collars display your pets name in bold print. 

Our standard size collar and many of our small size dog collars come with a free brass owner identification name plate that is attached to the collar. Each name plate is personalized with your owner contact information. This is usually your phone number, and may also include owner name, reward, ect. Our dog collars can be Customized further with our beautiful color selection and lettering outline color combination. This makes each personalized dog collar unique.

Customized Leather Wrist Bands
We custom make designer wrist bands. You can choose what you want embossed into the leather, and Customized your leather wrist band with your choice of leather color and lettering outline color.

Customized Leather Dog Leashes
We custom make pet leashes to match our dog collar colors. Our dog leashes are personalized with your pet name, phrase or saying.
Dog leashes may be Customized further with your choice of lettering outline color.

Customized Leather Name Belts
We make personalized leather name belts to your order. Customized leather belts may have your name, ball team, phrase, saying, or more embossed into the leather. Name belts are made from high quality leather and may be worn with any style of clothing. All are solid leather, and are not glued or sewn together. Name belts can be Customized further with your choice of outline lettering color.

Customized Nylon Dog Collars
We make personalized Nylon dog collars that are Customized with your name, phone number, and state. Your Customized information is engraved onto a collar mounted brass name plate.

Heavy Nylon Dog Leashes
We make Nylon Dog Leashes in several colors. Nylon dog leashes come in different lengths and are made from heavy nylon that is produced for horse tack.

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